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Wild Nature Images offers photographs of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fishes, insects and other invertebrates, plants, habitats, and landscapes for books, magazines, posters, and websites. Most of our wildlife images are from the Americas, but we have some Eurasian species also. Our old website had reached its maximum size capacity several years ago, and we initiated this new website in July 2016. As of July 2020, ca. 400 species (less than 10% of our photo collection) have been loaded.

Our first priority is to restore the “Mammals”; it will be followed by the “Amphibians”, “Reptiles” freshwater fishes, and flowering plants of North America. We estimate that full restoration of the website will take few more years. In the meantime please check the lists of available species or use the “search” function to see whether your species of interest have been posted or simply contact us. We may publish images of certain species or groups out of the queue, if so requested.










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