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The Image Library

We are a Canada-based photo library specializing in nature photography with a portfolio of over 52,000 images (as of late May 2016). Although we currently specialize in the Western Hemisphere we also have a selection of images from the Old World, including central and southern Europe, and the Middle East.

We sell one time non-exclusive publication rights to our images for use in books, magazines and other publications, such as calendars, and also on websites. Usually we do not sell prints, but if you would like a print of one of our images please inquire.

Presently, only several thousand of our images are displayed on this website. We post our best photos to illustrate each species, however, in many cases we have more good images that we can display. Please inquire if you are interested in seeing additional images of a particular species. Occasionally we use images of lesser quality, e.g., video frames, to illustrate rare species or particular behaviour; however we do not offer publication rights to such low quality photos.

Images posted on this website are small watermarked JPEG files, but we send larger unmarked files upon request. If you are interested in seeing all library images of a particular species or a selection from of group of species, please Contact Us and larger high resolution images will be provided.


Suffixes in Image Codes

As you probably noticed all our images have unique codes, comprised of a letter followed by numerals or made solely of numerals. Codes containing only numbers (e.g., 12345) refer to digitized versions of film transparencies taken between 1984 and 2007. Codes starting with the letter ā€œDā€ (D12345, for example) are digital images obtains with DSLR or snapshot digital cameras from 2007 onward, and few with the letter "N" (e.g., N20021) are scans from negatives; finally codes starting with ā€œVā€ are video frames. As a rule we do not offer publication rights to video frames and use such images only to illustrate interesting behavior. Although we may consider adding video clips to this website there are no immediate plans to do so.


Our Philosophy

This photo library serves a dual function. While we are happy to receive reimbursement for our never-ending work of acquiring, identifying, cataloguing and processing images, purchases of equipment and software, travel, and maintenance of this website, we also view our site as a repository of biological information. We observe and document wonders and processes of our natural world, through the lens, and many of our images have been obtained during research projects undertaken on our own or sponsored by friends. We consider adding informative blogs on species distribution, behavior and conservation at some future date, but currently our primary objective is to restore all images from our old page, and also upload the best of over 25,000 photos accumulated since our old site reached its maximum capacity.

Most of our clients are people and organizations that publish books and articles on natural history, or require photographs for posters, signs and exhibits. Our work appeared in field guides and books, magazines and journals. Wild Nature Images charges a fee for use of our photos, and the moneys are used to offset costs of our work. We may grant free use of our photos for charitable causes, such as a fundraising campaign by a low budget NGO, but these decisions are made on a case to case basis, time permitting.

Unauthorized use of our images is NOT permitted; hotlinking or "pinning" of our images to websites promoting copyright infringement, such as Pinterest, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Wild Nature Images supports conservation land acquisition in the tropics, mostly though donations to World Land Trust.


About Us

Wild Nature Images has been created by Michael Patrikeev. Michael is a professional biologist, zoologist, and wildlife photographer with over 30 years of experience. He has studied and photographed wildlife in Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Russia, Texas and other places. His work forms the backbone of this website.