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Northern-Short-tailed-Shrew   Northern Short-tailed Shrew
(Blarina brevicauda)
Sapajus-nigritus Black-horned-Capuchin Cebus-nigritus   Black-horned Capuchin
(Sapajus nigritus)
Marmota-monax Woodchuck   Woodchuck
(Marmota monax)
Microtus-pinetorum Woodland-Vole   Woodland Vole
(Microtus pinetorum)
Castor-canadensis American-beaver   North American Beaver
(Castor canadensis)
Baiomys-taylori Northern-Pygmy-Mouse   Northern Pygmy Mouse
(Baiomys taylori)
Carpodacus-purpureus purple-finch Haemorhous-purpureus   Purple Finch
(Carpodacus purpureus)
Euphonia-violacea violaceous-euphonia   Violaceous Euphonia
(Euphonia violacea)
Coccothraustes-vespertinus Evening-Grosbeak   Evening Grosbeak
(Coccothraustes vespertinus)
Pteroglossus-bailloni saffron-toucanet   Saffron Toucanet
(Pteroglossus bailloni)
Chlorophonia-cyanea Blue-naped-Chlorophonia   Blue-naped Chlorophonia
(Chlorophonia cyanea)


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