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The bird nidiology pages permit viewing nests or eggs of related species, side by side. Wild Nature Images only photograph clutches which are not concealed, and could be seen from above. We do not remove portions of nests to expose eggs or intentionally approach nests of rare or sensitive species while they are incubating. All nest and egg images are linked to the corresponding species accounts whenever such accounts exist on our website (in some instances we have images of nests, but not the birds). Entrances to nests placed in tree or rock cavities are omitted from this section, unless elaborately decorated by birds. “Bird nests” section contains images of external nest structures, with or without nest content visible, whereas “bird eggs” displays close-up photographs of clutches.


    Nests and Eggs of
Non-Passerine Birds
    Nests and Eggs of
Passerine Birds
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