Pompilidae - Spider Wasps
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The spider wasps or tarantula hawks or pompilids (Pompilidae) are solitary wasps, well known for capturing and paralyzing spiders, often larger than themselves, as food for their larvae. The family contains six subfamilies and ca. 5,000 species. Body length in some species exceeds 60 mm, placing them among the largest of wasps. The sting of some pompilids is considered one of the most painful insect stings in the world.


Anoplius-atrox Pompilidae   Anoplius atrox
[Blue-Black Spider Wasp]
Pepsis inclyta Lepeletier, 1845   Pepsis inclyta
[Giant Spider-hunting Wasp]

    Pepsis sp.
[Tarantual Hawk wasp]
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