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Carnivorans - Carnivora


The Carnivora are adapted for catching and eating other animals, although several species are predominately omnivores or herbivores. The order includes at least 7 families and over 240 species: Canidae (wolves, dogs and foxes), Ursidae (bears), Procyonidae (raccoons), Mustelidae (weasels, badgers, otters, and skunks), Viverridae (civets, mangoose and allies), Hyaenidae (hyenas), and Felidae (cats). They are distributed worldwide, except Antarctica and remote oceanic islands; one species was introduced to Australia ca. 5,000 ago. Carnivorans are more or less terrestrial, although many species can climb to some degree, and procyonids are mostly arboreal. Recent taxonomic reviews included Pinnipedia into Carnivora, but it is treated separately on this website.


Canis-latrans Coyote   Canidae - Dogs
    Ursidae - Bears
    Procyonidae - Raccoons and allies
    Mustelidae - Weasels, Otters, Skunks, and allies
    Felidae - Cats
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