Amphibian Species in Our Collection
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Caudata - Salamanders and Newts    
Proteidae - Waterdogs and Mudpuppies    
Necturus maculosus Mudpuppy  
Ambystomatidae - Mole Salamanders    
Ambystoma jeffersonianum Jefferson Salamander  
Ambystoma laterale Blue-spotted Salamander  
Ambystoma maculatum Yellow-spotted Salamander  
Ambystoma tigrinum mavortium Barred Tiger Salamander  
Salamandridae - True Salamanders and Newts    
Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens Red-spotted Newt  
Triturus vulgaris Smooth Newt  
Plethodontidae - Lungless Salamanders    
Chiropterotriton terrestris Terrestrial Splayfoot Salamander  
Desmognathus aeneus Seepage Salamander  
Desmognathus folkertsi Dwarf Black-bellied Salamander  
Desmognathus monticola Seal Salamander  
Desmognathus ocoee Ocoee Salamander  
Eurycea bislineata Northern Two-lined Salamander  
Eurycea cirrigera Southern Two-lined Salamander  
Eurycea troglodytes (complex) Shields Ranch Salamander  
Hemidactylium scutatum Four-toed Salamander  
Plethodon cinereus Eastern Redback Salamander  
Pseudoeurycea bellii Bell's False Brook Salamander  
Pseudoeurycea cephalica rubrimembris Red-legged False Brook Salamander  
Pseudoeurycea sp. Unidentified Pseudoeurycea  
Anura - Frogs and Toads    
Pelobatidae - European Spadefoot Toads    
Pelobates fuscus European Spadefoot  
Scaphiopodidae - American Spadefoot Toads    
Scaphiopus couchii Couch's Spadefoot  
Spea bombifrons Plains Spadefoot  
Aromobatidae - Cryptic Forest Frogs    
Mannophryne olmonae Bloody Bay Frog  
Mannophryne trinitatis Yellow-throated Frog  
Brachycephalidae - Saddleback Toads and Robber Frogs    
Brachycephalus ephippium Pumpkin Toadlet  
Ischnocnema cf. guentheri Guenther's Robber Frog  
Ischnocnema aff. guentheri undescribed robber frog  
Ischnocnema cf. nanahallux robber frog  
Ischnocnema parva Girard's Robber Frog  
Bufonidae - True Toads    
Bufo americanus American Toad  
Bufo bufo European Toad, Common Toad  
Bufo debilis insidior Western Green Toad  
Bufo fowleri Fowler's Toad  
Bufo nebulifer Coastal Plain Toad  
Bufo punctatus Red-spotted Toad  
Bufo speciosus Texas Toad  
Bufo woodhousii woodhousii Woodhouse's Toad  
Rhinella beebei Beebe's Toad  
Rhinella icterica Yellow Cururú Toad  
Rhinella limensis Lima Toad  
Rhinella marina Giant Marine Toad, Cane Toad  
Rhinella ornata Striped Toad  
Rhinella cf. pombali Pombal's Toad  
Centrolenidae - Glass Frogs    
Hyalinobatrachium orientale Tobago Glass Frog  
Hemiphractidae - Marsupial Treefrogs    
Gastrotheca albolineata marsupial treefrog  
Hylidae - Treefrogs    
Acris crepitans blanchardi Blanchard's Cricket Frog  
Bokermannohyla carvalhoi treefrog  
Bokermannohyla circumdata treefrog  
Dendropsophus anceps Estrella Treefrog  
Dendropsophus berthalutzae Bertha's Treefrog  
Dendropsophus bipunctatus Two-spotted Treefrog  
Dendropsophus elegans Elegant Forest Treefrog  
Dendropsophus meridianus n/a  
Dendropsophus minutus Lesser Treefrog  
Dendropsophus pseudomeridianus n/a  
Dendropsophus seniculus Corcovado Treefrog  
Hyla savignei Asia Minor Treefrog  
Hyla squirella Squirrel Treefrog  
Hyla versicolor Gray Treefrog  
Hypsiboas albomarginatus White-edged Treefrog  
Hypsiboas boans Giant Treefrog  
Hypsiboas crepitans Rattle-voiced Treefrog  
Hypsiboas faber Gladiator Treefrog/Blacksmith Treefrog  
Hypsiboas pardalis Leopard Treefrog  
Hypsiboas semilineatus n/a  
Osteopilus septentrionalis Cuban Treefrog  
Phyllomedusa rohdei Rohde's Leaf-Frog  
Pseudacris crucifer Spring Peeper  
Pseudacris fouquettei Cajun Chorus Frog  
Pseudacris triseriata Western Chorus Frog  
Scinax alter Crubixa Snouted Treefrog  
Scinax argyreornatus Rio Mutum Snouted Treefrog  
Scinax cuspidatus Coastal Lowland Snouted Treefrog  
Scinax cf. eurydice Maracás Snouted Treefrog  
Scinax flavoguttatus Yellowbelly Snouted Treefrog  
Scinax hayii Hay's Snouted Treefrog  
Scinax cf. similis n/a  
Scinax v-signatus n/a  
Scinax aff. x-signatus n/a  
Trachycephalus mesophaeus Porto Alegre Golden-eyed Treefrog  
Cycloramphidae - Button Frogs and Horned Frogs    
Cycloramphus fuliginosus Tschudi's Button Frog  
Proceratophrys appendiculata Guenther's Horned Frog  
Proceratophrys boiei Bioe's Horned Frog  
Thoropa miliaris Rock River Frog  
Zachaenus parvulus Rio Bug-eyed Frog  
Leptodactylidae - Whistling Frogs   
Leptodactylus fuscus Lineated Frog  
Leptodactylus latrans Butter Frog  
Leptodactylus spixi Spix's White-lipped Frog  
Leptodactylus validus Smooth-skinned Ditch Frog, Windward Ditch Frog  
Eleutherodactylidae - Chirping Frogs    
Eleutherodactylus abbotti Tuck-wheep Frog  
Eleutherodactylus weinlandi Weinland's Robber Frog  
Eleutherodactylus verrucipes Big-eared Chirping Frog  
Hylodidae - Torrent Frogs    
Crossodactylus aeneus Müller's Spinythumb Frog  
Hylodes asper Warty Torrent Frog  
Hylodes cf. asper Warty Torrent Frog  
Hylodes pipilans forest torrent frog  
Leiuperidae - Neotropical frogs    
Engystomops pustulosus Túngara Frog  
Physalaemus signifer Girard's Dwarf Frog  
Craugastoridae - Robber Frogs    
Haddadus binotatus Clay Robber Frog  
Strabomantidae - Neotropical frogs    
Pristimantis charlottevillensis Charlotteville Frog  
Pristimantis urichi Urich's Frog  
Microhylidae - Microhylid Frogs    
Gastrophryne olivacea Great Plains Narrowmouth Toad  
Ranidae - True Frogs    
Rana berlandieri Rio Grande Leopard Frog  
Rana blairi Plains Leopard Frog  
Rana catesbeiana Bullfrog  
Rana clamitans melanota Green Frog  
Rana esculenta Edible Frog  
Rana palustris Pickerel Frog  
Rana pipiens Northern Leopard Frog  
Rana ridibunda Marsh Frog  
Rana septentrionalis Mink Frog  
Rana sylvatica Wood Frog  
Rana temporaria European Common Frog  
* marks organisms photographed outside of their native range.