Insectivora - Hedgehogs, Moles, and Shrews
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Synonyms: Eulipotyphla, Soricomorpha (in part)


The order Insectivora in its current standing includes hedgehogs and gymnures (Erinaceidae), shrews (Soricidae), moles and desmans (Talpidae), and solenodons (Solenodontidae). There are about 480 species in this order, but the majority (385 species) are in the shrew family. An alternative name proposed for this order is Eulipotyphla; sometimes the three latter families are included in the order Soricomorpha. We chose to retain the older name, Insectivora, for these taxa because of the current controversy over stability of modern mammalian classification. Formerly, several other families were included in Insectivora including: golden moles (Chrysochloridae), tenrecs (Tenrecidae), elephant shrews (Macroscelididae), treeshrews (Tupaiidae), and even colugos (Cynocephalidae).


Erinaceidae hedgehogs   Erinaceidae - Hedgehogs
Talpidae Moles   Talpidae - Moles
Soricidae shrews   Soricidae - Shrews
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