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Rodents are the largest order of mammals with at least 2,277 living species placed in 481 genera and about 33 families. Well over 40% of mammalian species are rodents. Our collection of rodent images is very modest by comparison, with only 39 species belonging to nine families, mostly from Canada and the United States.


Sciuridae - Squirrels, Marmots, and allies   Castoridae - Beavers
Sciuridae squirrels flying-squirrels ground-squirrels marmots chipmunks prairie-dogs   Castoridae Beavers
Geomyidae - Pocket-Gophers   Heteromyidae - Pocket Mice and Kangaroo Rats
Geomyidae Pocket-Gophers    
Dipodidae - Jerboas and Jumping Mice   Muridae - Old World Mice and Rats
Dipodidae, Jerboas and Jumping Mice   Muridae, Old World rats and mice, gerbils
Cricetidae - Hamsters, Voles, and New World Mice   Erethizontidae - New World Porcupines
Cricetidae Hamsters Voles New-World-Mice   Erethizontidae, New World Porcupines
Caviidae - Cavies and Capybaras    
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