Moths (Heterocera)
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Most lepidopterans are moths, and there are over 4,330 genera and 166,000 species of them. Although all moths are placed in the clade Heterocera, they are not a monophyletic group. Moths differ from butterflies and skippers by shape and structure of antennae, wing coupling, body shape, pupae, and resting posture. Most species of moth are nocturnal.


    Arctiidae - Tiger Moths, Lichen Moths, and allies
    Crambidae (Crambid Snout Moths)
    Euteliidae - Euteliid Moths
    Geometridae - Geometer Moth
    Limacodidae - Slug Caterpillar Moths
    Erebidae - Erebid Moths
    Noctuidae - Owlet Moths
Notodontidae prominent-moths   Notodontidae - Prominent Moths
    Saturniidae - Silk Moths
    Sphingidae - Sphinx or Hawk Moths
    Yponomeutidae - Ermine Moths
    Zygaenidae - Burnet Mos or Forester Moths
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