Crustaceans (Crustacea)
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Crustaceans includes crabs, crayfish, lobsters, shrimp, isopods, and barnacles (at least 67,000 described species). Most crustaceans are aquatic animals, but others adapted to live on land (e.g., land-crabs, woodlice). On this website, all crustaceans (including freshwater and terrestrial species) are encompassed in marine invertebrates, for simplicity.


Stenopodidae (Stenopoid Shrimps)
Palaemonidae (Palaemonid Shrimps)
Palinuridae (Lobsters)
Coenobitidae (Hermit Crabs)
Diogenidae (Left-handed Hermit Crabs)
Cancridae (Rock Crabs)
Gecarcinidae (Land Crabs)
Grapsidae (Shore Crabs)
Majidae (Spider Crabs)
Ocypodidae (Ghost Crabs and Fiddler Crabs)
Portunidae (Swimming Crabs)
Pseudothelphusidae (Manicou Crabs)
Asellidae (Freshwater Isopods)