Coleoptera (Beetles)
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Beetles (Coleoptera) are the most diverse of all insect orders. There are approximately 375,000 formally recognized beetles, though the order may consist of as many as 900,000 or even 2,100,000 species, if undescribed and projected taxa are included. We have only slightly over thirty identified species of beetles in our collection.


Cantharidae, Soldier-Beetles
Carabidae, Ground-Beetles
Cicindelidae, Tiger Beetle
Dytiscidae, Predaceous Diving Beetles
Silphidae, Carrion-Beetles, Burying-Beetles
Passalidae, Bess Beetles
Scarabaeidae, Scarab Beetles
Elateridae, Click Beetles
Meloidae, Blister Beetles
Tenebrionidae, Darkling Beetles
Chrysomelidae, Leaf Beetles
Cerambycidae, Longhorn Beetles