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Reptiles are vertebrate animals belonging in the class Reptilia. Contemporary reptiles are divided into four groups: Testudines (turtles and tortoises), Rhynchocephalia (the tuatara), Squamata (lizards, amphisbaenas, and snakes), and Crocodilia (crocodiles and alligators). Modern reptiles inhabit every continent with the exception of the Polar Regions, but the majority of species lives in the tropics and subtropics. Some reptiles (sea turtles and sea snakes) spend most of their lives in marine environments.

There are at least 10,450 recognized species of modern reptiles (The Reptile Database, August 2016). The majority (10,078 species or > 96%) are included into Squamata (6,263 species of lizards, 3,619 species of snakes, and 196 amphisbaenas). Turtles and tortoises comprise 346 species, crocodilians 25 species, and the tuataras merely 1 or 2 species.

We are re-building our library, and reptile pages will be restored after completion of the "Mammals" section. If you are interested in images of reptiles please visit the “Reptile Species in Our Collection” page for a list of available species; restored and new reptile accounts will be linked to this list. We could also upload images of species you are interested in upon inquiry.


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