Scorpions (Scorpiones)
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Scorpions are arachnids with a pair of grasping pedipalps (“claws”), eight legs, and the narrow, segmented tail, which often ends with a venomous stinger. This is an ancient group with 13 extant families and 1,750 species. Scorpions can be found on all continents except Antarctica, although the majority of species occur in subtropical and tropical areas.


Buthidae (Fat-tailed Scorpions)  
Centruroides vittatus Striped Scorpion
Mesobuthus eupeus a yellow scorpion
Chactidae (Fatclaw Scorpions)  
Broteochactas nitidus a black scorpion
Megacormus gertschi a black scorpion
Diplocentridae (Spinysting Scorpions)  
Nebo hierichonticus Egyptian Scorpion























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