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Birds are traditionally subdivided into "Non-Passerines" and "Passerines". The former group encompasses all birds which are not passerines, i.e., not belonging to the order Passeriformes (perching birds or songbirds).

There are ca. 10,600 species of modern birds divided into 28 orders and 170-200 families. Over 5,700 species and 82-110 families (more than half of all living birds) are within the largest order Passeriformes. The numbers of species and families are tentative as bird taxonomy is in a state of flux. Membership within families and taxanomic relationships are being constantly reshuffled and new species split at an unprecedented rate.

We use bird taxonomy presented in the Handbook of the Birds of the World (1992-2011).

We are re-building our library. Although some bird species accounts have been rerstored, we do not anticipate much work on birds until the “Mammals”, “Reptiles” and freshwater “Fishes” sections will have been completed.

If you are interested in images of birds please visit the “Bird Species in Our Collection” page for a list of available species; restored accounts will be linked to this list. We could also upload images of species you are interested in upon inquiry.


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